So here’s the story… I still remember, was once a child, with my father carved boats from pine bark, as the grandfather did whistles, baked donuts with grandma or mom drew with watercolors. Probably every life has such an overall activity, remember, even the passage of decades is filled with warmth and breasts lips insensibly unfolds smile… Such a goodness, which, it seems, time has no power, so sweet emotions. Probably, this has had an effect on the fact that I am now in such a way that I am doing that and seeing life as such. In this age of rapid consumption, there is less time left (and often a desire) for similar joint activities, and therefore such activity is deliberately determined. When statistics say that we only spend a few minutes a day together with children, while having a good time of an hour or more is a real challenge. And if you can be together to construct a toy, not only generally spend time without the “blue screen” strains (although this would be a significant victory), but to create the emotional charge that will accompany you for a long time? The “Waaau” when the child’s friends will see it, the pride – “I did it myself“, the warming -“remember when we then“… Maybe it will be the basis for beautiful childhood memories, or maybe a step towards a new quality family relationship. After all, this is not just teamwork, the development of new skills, the process of cognition, but also the form of meditation.

What is plywood here for? It is a far birch cousin, which is highly urbanized, but still retains the warmth and aroma of the tree – in this case, it is the connection between generations. It’s like a counterweight, as an eco alternative to the glossy chinese plastic material that has closed our lives. At the same time, it is a solid material for a mechanical toy that does not require special tools or glue – tensile, compression, fixation. Comfortable, safe and fast. Even the practical side, designed as a toy works and performs the tasks assigned to him: If this microscope – it really possible to explore “mikronizmus” if the rifle – hitting the target, moneybox – otherwise collect coins… At the same time you can get acquainted with the physical processes, to create stories, to develop logic and skills.